Seasonal weather and Emotions!

Can weather  affects your emotional state and mood?!

Seasonal weather is important for our emotional state and our mood, because we act like it is.

A lot of people are saying that they feel better when it is a sunny out; at same time they can complain that it is not pleasant when the weather is not beautiful, when it is cold, windy, and dark.

I am writing about this because it seems like many of us feel affected by the weather-wise outlook of our day, without actually realizing what it really means.

I love all seasons, I must admit that sometimes I enjoy a particular one more. But I don’t have time to complain and not enjoy a sunny day, a rainy day, a day with snow, an autumn day, I enjoy everything that comes with the weather.

The same people who feel better when it is a sunny day, they feel less good when they see that it is raining, when the sky is cloudy.

I agree with the fact that when our eyes detect light, melatonin production subsides and serotonin, the happy chemical in our brains that puts us in a better mood and promotes wakefulness, takes over. Melatonin is instrumental in controlling sleep/wake cycles. Light has a huge impact on melatonin production. In the winter, you produce melatonin either later or earlier in the day than you would during the summer months. I also agree that Vitamin D is an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and we can get Vitamin D from regular sun exposure.

However, the most important thing for me is that we are not solely biology, we are also one with the Universe, this great big ocean of energy which connects us all and where we all influence each other.

At the same time I am talking about the emotional importance that we give to these things. Emotional state becomes automatic, it is changing with the coming of cold weather. I is therefore important to remember and be aware, it is in our power to feel good.

The weather remains simply that: the weather , but people react emotionally as if it were something personal.

It can become so personal that you cannot enjoy your life. You may fool yourself thinking that the only way you can feel better  is in a good weather when it is sunny, everything is green and the smell of flowers  is everywhere.

After that what? What are you doing the rest of the time?

It is great to be enthusiastic waiting a beautiful day of spring or summer but don’t let this take you away from the rest of your days with less sun, you live your life during those days as well.

And the good part is that everything depends on you and not on the weather. Make yourself dependent on yourself, watch your thoughts, make them up, take care of them. You are your thoughts.

You choose how to respond to what is around you. Learn to enjoy everything everywhere anywhere. You can fall in love anytime!

” The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance.”
~Viktor Frankl 

Enjoy your moment everyday! ~ Dana


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