My view about life, love, relationship!

For a good life as we call it, we need to take care of four aspects:  Life partner, friends, passions and work.  When we have this well integrated we feel  good about our life and with ourselves.

Most of the time one or two of this aspect are missing. Sometimes some have a life partner and a  work place (come on there is no time for friends and passions),  well my friend of course there is no time, nobody will give you,  except you.  People can make time for themselves and is not ok to say ‘’there is no time’’! Passions – this is a hard subject when you give yourself 100% to work, and work it is not you. You must be work. What I want to say is that you are
not what you do, you do what you are.
Most of the time people are what their work is, they forget that they have a private life, or they could have if they will give the proper attention. When you have friends and you don’t have a life partner, don’t forget not to forget them
when you will find a life partner. They are good when you are single, but they are good also after.  I am saying this because  I heard people saying  that they don’t have time for friends, anymore.  And when that person become
single again, separated, that breakup thing,  guess what she or he needs that friendship of their friends back.  There is no need  to take it back, if you take care of you with your friend always.

Now what is to write about when we understood how to take care of our life to feel complete.

When you think you found your life partner  you know that you  don’t have to change anything about that person, what you don’t know is probably how to realize that is the right person for you and vice versa.
When your relationship  it is about Loyalty; Common Values ​​and Interests; Good Verbal and Nonverbal Communications;  Love; Trust;  Fidelity ; Respect; Good Sex.

When one thing is missing another one is affected. You have to give and  receive  this things that makes a relationship a real relationship. Be clear about what you want, about what you deliver and about
who you are.  Love and relationships sometimes they could ask  to make a compromise, of
course, but sacrificing one above will not make a good compromise.

Spend the very good time in the same way  with you, with your partner life, friends .

♥ In this article I chose  the term  “partner life- in the romantic way”,  even this person will be part of your life for a short or long period.


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