About me

Hi, I am Daniela Damian, alias Dana. I bet we are a lot alike. Perhaps you can relate to my story. Throughout my life, I showed a continuous interest and passion for helping others. Listening with the intent to understand, having the desire to inspire and motivate people have been my biggest drivers. I started my private practice in 2007 and I specialized in working with Transactional Analysis method and Family Therapy models. Before going into private practice full time, my passion to work with people, drove me to specialize abroad, extending my professional experience. Hence, I started working for various organizations, both national (Romania) and international (Italy). Moreover my passion to work with people drove me to specialize abroad, extending my professional experience in the area of human psychology activity, by choosing a mediation course within the Institute of Family Therapy, Florence. My formal educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Bucharest, and a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling. As Psychotherapist I am constantly developing my skills, to ensure you receive the best informed care.

Loving to work with people, I find satisfaction in helping others; I have an enthusiastic interest in human development.

About my work

I provide individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapeutic interventions for a wide variety of topics. I also offer workshops and events designed for people who want to learn about good relationships, healthy connections, for those who want to be inspired and to inspire. I design experiences which create transformational empathy and good conversations. I love to see individuals and couples establish and improve relationships.

My life’s purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower people to live their vision. Bringing change in people, as interventionist, I want to help them digest new ideas and build towards a better future. I also like to facilitate creative conversations, framing unexpected questions and navigate through uncomfortable situations.

As your therapist, I will tailor my approach to meet your needs. Every person has unique struggles and challenges. My approach is one that is flexible and integrative. The therapy process helps me enable clients or client systems to develop awareness, have options and skills for problem management and to develop in daily life through the enhancement of their strengths, resources and functioning.

Psychotherapy is a New Key.

Nice to meet you,

Daniela Damian


40 thoughts on “About me

      1. very well said daniela.. but the problem is i have only one passion!! 😉 and most of the time i think but those are silly,idiotic issues.. 🙂 u being a psychiatrist, can u tell me why do i think most of the time.. my brain is not stable.. and i have some more issues.. if possible can we have a private chat? on may be Facebook or gmail..


      2. daniela.. go through my blog “how do u feel when u are with your friends 😦 or 🙂 ” and tell me how u feel.. i have noticed that 3/4 of the ppl who see my blog read that article.. 🙂


  1. Hi Daniela, just popping in to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – please visit my blog for more information. Enjoy! ~ Julie 🙂


  2. wow! i was amazed when i went through your blog, your work is truly exceptional. i’m grateful for this connection so far, looking forward to reading more of your work. keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Daniela,

    You have a lovely blog up here. Well done! I enjoy what I have been reading so far, and I am sure many others also found it that way. 🙂

    After enjoying a joyful ride in your blog, I now kindly invite you to visit mine. And have a great day, my friend! 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Subhan Zein


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