Even when you do things for others, you’re doing them for you

T.K. Coleman's Blog

It’s easy to play the martyr.

All of us are capable of fooling ourselves into believing that our choices are fundamentally about something other than our own fulfillment.

Every choice we make, however, is directly connected to our desire for personal happiness or inner peace.

Whatever it is we decide to do, it is because we are attempting to move away from some form of pain (potential or actual) and/or move towards some form of pleasure (physical or psychological).

Even heroic acts of self-sacrifice are intimately wedded to self-interests.

The person who risks his own life in an effort to save another is doing so because deep down inside he feels that it is the morally right thing to do. Many of the most self-sacrificing people openly admit that they would feel empty, sad, unfulfilled, or guilty if they chose personal gain over the opportunity to help another. And while this 

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