The way you fall asleep!?!


  • How do you fall asleep?
  • What are you doing before you fall asleep?
  • What are you thinking or doing in case you cannot fall asleep immediately?
  • What are you thinking about before you even know you enter in first stage?

I am asking you because the brain remains active during sleep.
People fall asleep in various manners. Mannerisms are diverse from person to another; sleep styles are related to health, age, work, program, etc.
Some of the habits are not proper for a healthy nap.
As well, the way we fall asleep induces the siesta course, which will touch the next day.
Watching television can induce your mind to sleep from the awake state, which indicate a strongly engaged mind to the state of relaxation, associated with an effortless state of consciousness. These mean people, who fall asleep watching television, are missing the beginning of the sleep, initial stage, associated with slowest brainwave activity, the period between wakefulness and sleep.

Our brain is highly active during sleep. This is the reason I began to write this article.
It is very important if we fall asleep happy, peaceful, glad, nervous, tense, irritated, worried or in another way. You can go to sleep in your personal way, but is significant to analyze the moment condition, to ask yourself why do you feel the way you feel.

It is important to analyze your feelings over the day, observe your overall condition, and make a day resume. Rethinking the negative feelings helps to a better understanding of them, and a clarification. Maybe, most of those emotions were unnecessary, and you will not carry them into the next day. And a better understanding of your comportment, helps you not to repeat the same patterns, if is unpleasant or to increase your habits if they are good.
After that come with a solution if you have, or you can press the cleaning button from your mind for everything you want to throw away.
Often, it is enough to ask yourself question even if you don’t have the right answer, don’t force yourself because the answer eventually will come.

My recommendation: Give your brain work to do for the time of sleeping, don’t let television or anger to work instead of you.
And set your intentions before you fall asleep.

There is a science of sleeping. Go and make an investigation.

For more information, I recommend you this website

Good night every time after sunset and before sunrise.

Daniela Damian


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