Why do we feel, think or act the way we do?

As we know, the body affects the emotions, and the emotions express themselves through the body.
Most of the time we don’t have explications for the way we are feeling, acting or thinking, let’s say in a specific moment.

Sometimes, even our psychotherapists, psychiatrists or scientist cannot explain our behavior. They ask us what did we intent?

People may feel good, shy, uncomfortable, amazing or in other ways that they were expecting, in some situation or with some people. Alternatively, people may think in a particular way about some think, someone, etc.; and that explicit way it is a surprise for them also.
When we act unusual, remarkable, strange for us, when we do not know what cause our reactions, the best solution is to ask our self:

Why was I acting like this?
Why was I thinking in this way?
Why am I feeling like this?

An important thing that we must do, is to accept the way we are in a specific moment and to move on. 


Understand yourself first!



Intended for a friend of mine: Do not call yourself stupid because you felt in a specific way, and you could not have controlled.

Daniela D


4 thoughts on “Why do we feel, think or act the way we do?

  1. Daniela, you are so very correct: we must first understand ourselves and our own reactions before we can properly evaluate all the action going on around us. As writers, we especially need to dig deep into our souls for these answers on a daily basis.


  2. what you say is true, most of the times we dwell too much on the whys and always miss the entirety of the moment.. we have to learn to live the moment, digest it and move on without looking back or wondering why things are the way they are.. 🙂


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