The thing you hear can make you click

Ready to listen, to pay attention and to hear?
You know,  people don’t hear until they want to hear, and until they are ready to hear.

One day, probably a friend told you something important for you that makes you click, and you said:

– Thank you for telling me this. It is a big change for me. If you told me in advance, maybe now I was far away.
– Welcome, and is not the first time I am telling you; (friend response)
– Really, because it is for the first time I am hearing?! Now it makes sense for me.
– Maybe you needed to hear at this moment in your life, and now you were open to hear and to make a change.

Sometimes we must pay more attention at what other are saying to us. We have to listen – for real!
Most of the time people don’t listen to those who talk, their minds being too busy for paying attention.

If you are doing that, then you should Stop. Give attention because you will be needed to. When you pay attention you receive attention back.
Where this ”busy to listen” came from? Well, this came from the beliefs that the person who talk is there to listen because is more important what you have to say; and guess what, the other person may have the same idea.
So if two people are at a coffee to be listen, then who is listened? I guess each person is listening to her own words, because the other one is too busy with her/his on thoughts.
Pay attention, because we are the same but individuals, and we are acting in different ways, what others want to say to us can and most of the time makes us click.
Sometimes listening others you are listening to yourself.



8 thoughts on “The thing you hear can make you click

  1. The “Great Spirit”, as Native Americans would say, has something always new to teach us–but we must LISTEN! Wait for that “still, small voice” and you WILL learn amazing new things.


  2. Hi Daniela:
    Ya know what this is like? For me and where I am now I can tell you beyond doubt that there have been times when a certain book has crossed my radar many times. One such book is Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Had I read the book the first time I saw it, I would have taken nothing away from it as I wasn’t in the proper place to understand what it was saying. I don’t think it’s NOT that we don’t listen to what someone says. What I think it is is that we may not be ready to hear what’s being said.

    Thanks for subscribing to Wisdom and Lifw.



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