Is your message too obvious?

Is your message too obvious?

People aren’t just looking for content. They’re searching for a connection. Words don’t provide that connection; the people behind the words do.

One million people may have already given expression to the convictions and concepts you feel passionate about.

Nevertheless, someone is going to perk up, listen, and allow themselves to be impacted when you chime in JUST BECAUSE IT’S COMING FROM YOU.

Someone needs to hear or see YOUR story.

Don’t deprive our collective evolution of your individual contribution by deciding what’s too obvious for someone else.

T.K. Coleman


7 thoughts on “Is your message too obvious?

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing T.K. Coleman’s wonderful exhortation for each of us to SHARE OUR STORIES and our “takes” on life! People really do want to know!


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