Wearing eyeglasses has any physiological significance?


Looking through my old book, I found this interesting topic regarding vision and eyeglasses wearing. What I found, and now I know, is that wearing eyeglasses represent something that people do not what to see or to look at, in they personal life. Well, clarify things into your life and find strength to see things as they are, can help improve vision, even quitting eyeglasses.

I hope I raised some questions.


3 thoughts on “Wearing eyeglasses has any physiological significance?

  1. I believe we see the world through the glasses we see. The glasses determine very much how we perceive the world and how we behave in it. They’re also influential in determining the chains of actions and reactions that go through our life. That’s why we have to see the world with the best glasses, or even better, without glasses at all.

    I’m not sure whether I have answered your question, but at least that’s the way I see it. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


  2. I have never heard of this concept before. I do wear glasses from time to time. Am short sighted, gosh does this mean I need to clarify things in my life and find strength to see things as they are? This is now food for thought.

    Very interesting, will experiment this on my self and see how it goes 🙂


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