Assumption, supposition, presumptions!

Sometimes  Is easy to assume a behavior or what others could be saying?
Thinking mind saying: I know what you mean, and I won’t tell you because I just know!!
Alternatively, people like to improve what other people could say and think. After statements and presumptions are made, misunderstanding can appear between people.
In this case, let’s say that we have an individual who attributed a presupposition to another person, the individual acclaimed that he is sure the respective person thinks and behaves alike he said. And the person has no intention.

When false presumptions are made could explain on how an individual is really thinking about a situation, a case or another person, and the associations are performed. So in this case the individual can be excused.
The question is from what or from whom the individual is excused?
Well, the excuse can be used for personal self as a defense as the individual is not responsible for his particular thoughts. Remember here that is possible, as human that we are not always aware of our own intention, in the same time we know when or about who we can make presupposition.
The painstaking will be the attributed person.

Conclusion achieved: Ask and clarify anything before statements are made! Improving and imagination are very good when they are used with other intentions, perhaps at work?
Tips: Use your imagination to improve your life! 


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