Stick With What You Love or Love Bored?

Stick With What You Love or Love Bored?

I was sure one day I will write about the state of boringness – so that day has come. I found this word ’’boring’’ very uninteresting while I reflected a lot upon it. Back in the days, when a friend said ’’I am bored’’, I thought if it was maybe my fault, because she/he was confessing to me. Were they expecting something?

The day I’ve decided getting serious about writing about this was last week when I’ve had a conversation with my dentist and his assistant. They’ve asked me how will I be spending my holidays. After I’ve told them my plans, they looked at me with ‘’wondering eyes’’, questioning my state of constant happiness. Without paying any attention on what I was saying, they’ve confessed: they were bored, every day they are doing the same thing. So what was the point of them questioning me about my plans? Or maybe they wanted to hear me talk! J

–       First (I said), I don’t have this word in my vocabulary so I don’t know what it means! J

–       …Yes… She is right!…

I can tell you they were surprised!

Let’s have a quick look at some of the definitions I found:

‘’Boring’’ by definition means dull; repetitious; uninteresting as an adjective.

Boringness: synonyms: boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum
These adjectives refer to what is so uninteresting as to cause mental weariness.

Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is without any activity or is not interested in their surroundings.  

I personally think that bored, boredom means –Not Enjoying Life. Involves expectations from the outside:

I am bored –expecting that someone else should do something!

First I thought I should write about the way people are when they feel bored, so I would have a better understanding and I found myself  googling the following words: bored, boredom, boring,  I discovered a new world which was not relevant to my research on this topic.

Consequently I’ve change my decision. People are individuals and boredom impacts in different ways,  different areas of a person’s life.

So here are a couple of my own concerns on the topic. I want to give you some ’’aha’’ moments and something to reflect upon. You should take the time and reflect upon every question.

Question: Are you aware of the way you feel when you think you are bored?

When you feel bored, first you have to be aware of what you feel and understand the reason you feel like this. If you pay attention you will discover that these states of mind have something in common, could it maybe be the way you live?! I am sure is great but you can lack the passion for your life. I am also referring to a lack of energy.

This lack of energy is caused by the lack of passion for life.


Why do you want to make everybody aware about your boring state at a given moment?

What are your needs?

Why do you want to make everybody aware that something/somebody is making you feel bored?

Sometimes this bored state comes with depression and sadness. Maybe in some situations you may think you are too cool, if you are in this state you probably go with arrogance, anxiety, you may be apathetic. Depression goes hand in hand with arrogance. Arrogance in most of the cases hides depression and sadness.

If you did not have an ’’aha’’ moment let’s move further on, I have more. If you had an aha moment, keep reading, maybe you will find something you can take with you.

Question:  What are your expectations when you make a statement about your boring mood?

Smile when you want to say ‘’I feel bored!’’ and don’t say it anymore. Replace it with:

  • I want to change something and I know what. (be precise)
  • I want to change the place and go …
  • I want to go out and I know where!
  • I want to go home and I know what I’ll do!
  • l want to do something different now and I have great idea!
  • And more are to come, with precision!

Every moment in your life is important and you have the opportunity to learn from everything, if you want.

Feel lonely? Well loneliness, for some people can be hard and the main reason to feel bored.

But being alone is the best time you can give yourself, is the time you spend with you. Do whatever you want and bring pleasure and joy to your life, even when you feel alone.

Question: Are you good with you? Do you give yourself greats moment?

As I’ve mentioned before, when you feel bored you may think that the state is influenced from outside. Finding a hobby could not be a great solution, can be a solution for the moment but in time is not, not until you become aware of who you are and what you want. It could be a great solution if that hobby represents you and it is done with great passion.

In my opinion the influences of our bored state come from the inside-out, especially when you don’t accept a part of your life, some of your decisions or when in some moments you are not ok with you.

But you have to know that you are an amazing person, and maybe you want to be that kind of person everybody feels good around and love to be with. You must work on it and stick with what you love.

You must do something that has a meaning for you, that keeps you alive.

Yes, we are always on the run with a big ‘’to-do list’’ and it’s possible that none of the activities on our list to be what we really love doing. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored with things you value, you are excited about, that you do with passion and you love.

Go with the things that you love every day and then each day must bring you interest and fun. We must live and learn every day, do not waste any moment.

You must follow what your heart desires!

What is to be done?

Start thinking about you and keep smiling every time you feel bored!

Stick With What You Love or Love Bored!?!


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