The Other Side of The Power – Claude Steiner

The Other Side of Power-is based on the belief that it is possible to be powerful without abusing power; to be happy and alive and at the same time fair, considerate and cooperative. In this book I will offer practical ideas and guidelines to achieving that sort of power in the world. 

From book :

 “Power is in everything, omnipresent, locked in every cell, every molecule and atom. It naturally radiates from all matter. We are powerless only because we curtail and disbelieve in ourselves and each other”. 

There is power and pleasure, hidden from our view by power greed. There is strength without abuse. There is power in cooperation with other people when we grow powerful together. There is power in love, passion, communication, intelligence and spirituality. None of these take power away from others and they can only develop in cooperation with others

I don’t want to treat any person, living thing, or portion of the Earth as my exclusive property, to be used at will for my selfish purposes. I want the power of give and take when I put in as much as I take in every situation. I want the power of close loving friends and family. I want to be fair, considerate, and neighborly. I want the powerful feeling of being guided by my conscience in my actions. I want to grow old and crusty and be respected for my life and deeds. I want to be appreciated by my co-workers, neighbors and business competitors. I want to be fully alive to my powers and to the portion of the earth I inhabit. I want all of those powerful things without abusing power, and I want you to have the same. And not just you, but all of us who inhabit this planet.


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